Gilera Runner 209 ccm Quattro valve



Update: 2013-05-07:
Hi all visitors, just to let you all know, I am still here to answer questions in this topic, but I am not a daily visitor. Most of the links in all of the pages are dead and the Runner is parked on its 3rd year. But when time and money comes. It will rise again, WITH licenseplate, (because you need that on the Nurburgring.
But untill then, enjoy some of the pictures in these links: (allmost the same as the one above)
See you around!

Hey forum
First of all, thanks for all your interest and help and good feedback in this topic.
I hope that you might find answers for what ever question that you might have.

Update the 13. of feb. 2010
I must apoligise a lot for not keeping this thread updated, but I am glad that All you veiwers out on the net kan keep it allive and post relavant info conserning the leader engine.

Since my last update. Well, I haven't realy made any updates have I?
A lot have happended.
There was a little meeting in germany called Scooter Attack Weekend extreme:
[ame=""]YouTube- Scooter Weekend[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube- SAWE 08 Lausitzring 4Takter Burnout[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube- Scooter Weekend 2008 - guming[/ame]

That was a great experience, so of couse.
I wanted to go there again in 2009.

Before that happended.
The Runner got a red makeover:

And a better rear brake and an internal rotor from HPI.

It turned out that at least the old VX and VXR models fits brakedisks with the Piaggio Zip SP

14 days before SAWE 2009 a little (damn hard) race at Harz-ring were held.
it was a 24H endurance race.
I went there with the crew and it turned out quite well.

See all the pictures here:
Of couse, 10 min of film: (From Speedline it self)
[ame=""]YouTube- 24H @ Harz-Ring - 21-22/08-2009 -[/ame]

From Kneis (Including crash from racing planet)

This is how it ended:

(Sorry, I'm just glad to have been a part of it!)

In other words, it was nice to get some practise before getting back to Lauzitsring.
Now only one problem remaned.
I had broken the crankshaft because I had been pushing the engine to hard for to long, and that had to be changed.
So two days before, I had to swop the crankshaft of the engine:

Not nice, But it turned out well.
We had a nice meeting at SAWE

Oil change :) Didn't want to risk another crank

Hugo (Aprilia fan) made this vid from our trip there:
[ame=""]YouTube- Scooter attack Weekend 2009-The Movie (Killerteam Racing)[/ame]
And allso I found a picture of my self and one of the fabulous Zip racere in a magazine.
Thanks for the big fun there!

P.S. My fastest lap was 2.28 and I am planning to do it better this year.
For that I have upgraded the tyres and the rear suspension:


And this is how it looks last time pictures were taken.
Thay are taken in an event called Speedmeet Costum ( )
The Runner participated in the Race class.
And won third place :)

I hope that 2010 will bring some nice track events and some nice meetings
I look forward too see some of you guys out there and have a look on your creations.

Be carefull, ride safe!



I just wanted to show you whats cooking in my workshop.
A couple of years ago. I bought a used (1200 km) Gilera Runner VXR 182 ccm
I drove nice, got a scorpion exhaust and drove better, and sounded sweet too.

But unfortunatly 3000 km later, some old gimp drove out in front of me and I crashed the Runner...

A year went and I was back from Hospital 500+ mm of titanium stronger and with a dream about the biggest, most raciest and fastest Runner I could ever build.

So I bought it back. And then some loooong months of building and tuning began, I will let the pictures talk from now. Input, both god and bad are welcome.

Then I ordered a little bit of parts:

There is missing a 34 mm Dell'Orto Powerjet carburettor. But it didn't take me long to put it in my Leonardo 150

Now the engine was removed and taken apart.

The cylinder got mounted. (Nice 74 mm piston.) Here along with a Malossi TS piston:

The head got some TLC and some drilling and grinding. All ports are made aprox. 2 mm larger in diameter with a smooth port all the way. (According to Malossi)
The valve seats has been machined for the larger Malossi valves.
Pictures from the process:

Then time to put it all together.
Malossi Valves and springs:

Getting Mounted and adjusted:

Cam timing and valve clearance:

Now the engine is ready for the frame:

Engine mounted with the stock karburator:
[ame=""]YouTube - Runner VXR starting up.[/ame]

To control the power and because the stock fork was bended, a new and better fork was put in the frame and a 4 piston brake kit was applied:

Body parts has been supplied to and it now resembles a Gilera Runner a bit more:

And as it is now. In the open. But with a way to big main jet (160 at this point!)

For now it is on x-mas standby. There is gifts to buy you know.
But more will follow.

Thanks for now.

At least.
Finally I got my spec. made Bitubo's.
And I got them mounted. I am looking forward to get it out on the steet.
Enjoy the pictures:

I allso got the rest of the fearings mounted.
Incl. Aerox Brake masters and a Rew. meter.

Thanks for now.
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gefufn tjuner
Looks nice, haven't seen many 4 stroke projects. Seen some of the tuning attempts here where I live but all those bikes were smoked by almost stock 180cc two stroke. Wonder what kind of power will you pull out of it.
Good luck.


The latest little vid:
[ame=""]YouTube - Runner VXR 209 in the open[/ame]

And in the nearest futere. These parts will be ordered:

(Varenummer; RA007 hos scootercenter)

(Varenummer; RA003 hos scootercenter)

(Varenummer; GL07FID)

And Special made Bitubo Shock absorbers for the rear:


New Member
hey long time no see velo, nice looking bike. im not into 4strokes but for some reason i know you will make it a animal like to you aprilia was.


172 SL!D3R!
nice project but a few things i would do to it:
paint inner panels that orange colour
take the visor off and get some downhill bars
and maybe recover seat
but its great other then that


A new seat cover is planned for the winter (I have a spare seat!)
Conserning plastic parts. It is intended for track use and not to be a looker, so it stays as it is. (for now atleast)

I haven't realy driven it yet since it is to illegal for my liking and the setup isn't right yet. But it will come soon enough. I know a two stroker will be faster and have higher power, but the four stroker is easy'er to control in cornering.

I am looking forward to the SA scooter weekend 2008, and if there is other big meetings in 2008, I would be glad to participate in them.


Mmmm power

Had it for a spin this weekend.
The waterpump died, but I manedged to try it out a bit.
The rollers was to heavy, But it pulled to 125 with a steady 9000 rpm. Until I ran out of road (350-400 meters in all)

Powering up when on pit stand, it pulls hard with 9200 rpm and when it hits 11500. Hell brakes loose. But unfortunetly. A bearing in my waterpump didn't want to play along.

Now I am awaiting my parts from scootercenter and my 900€ spec. made hose piggiback bitubos.

It's going to be a nice summer 2008 I hope.


New Member
very nice project....
i dont like runners that much,but this one seems to be a nice one....especially the engine...its not that as easy as the 2T engines....

btw,where did u get that cromed malossi sticker from<?


Year I admit. It is harder and more expensive to tune than the two strokers. But the torque and the sound is impressive.

The silver Chrome Malossi stickers comes with the tune-up parts.
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