Gilera Runner 209 ccm Quattro valve

Hi Velo...i am watching your project fro the start before some years :) ... i have some questions for you:

Which belt you think is best?

And which torque drive? malossi 125cc (steel, code: 6111656) or malossi 200-300cc (aluminum, 6112563) ? I think you have tried both(or not?)... i know that each one needs a whole different rear pulley in every case...
I have just been using the Malossi X-kevlar belt and the old pulley.
The pulley offers a different angle compared to the stock wich is optimised for engines with power in the higher rew range.

I have been away from the news feed for a long time, so I didn't know there was a new one. But it sounds interesting.
Hey, It die here? Or moved somewhere else?

Malossi had new 218cc with bore 75,5. Have someone already tried? Difference between 209 and 218 and Kubler 300? I also need a change:)
The differance between 209 and Kubler 300 is huge.
The Kublerkit has a much longer stroke wich results in a huge torque gain. It will not rew. as high as the 209 kit, so don't chose the malossi camshaft if you buy Kubler.

209 vs. 218 ccm
Both are std. stroke so both would like to rew. but I am not aware about the power differance. But the bigger the engine the bigger the power.
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