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  • Hi velo, I have a question relating to the installation of a malossi 4v head and cylinder. What am I to do with the 4 small black orings supplied? When I use them I seem to not be able to seal the head and get a coolant leak.
    hello velo can you help with my tuning,i have wrote to you before but i never got an answer,iam trying to get the best set up for my gilera 209,it started as a vx125 standard,now i have 209 malossi cylinder kit,power cam and v4 head also have the auto decompression kit from s.i.p,34mm carb,polini secondry gear kit,polini belt maxi speed variator, 3g maxi clutch and bell,malossi cdi,i dont know wot else to do to it its curently getting 16 bhp,and 97 mph on the dyno,0-60 in 4 seconds is this set any good or is there something iam missing,ive also ordered th malossi f32 forks are these ok or not,please could you email me on
    velo hi mate just wondered if you could hep,i have a vx125, 2001year,iam currently using a malossi 210 cylinder kit,standerd head,malossi34mm carb,polini max speed controler(variator)with 8g and 10g rollers,trying for wheelies)polini 3g maxi speed clutch with bell,polini gear up kit,and drive belt,leo vince pipe,is this set up shit if so wot am i doing wrong,iam now looking to do the 278 kubler kit,as my stater plate crumbled and ive split the crank now so iam either going to change the crank for a malossi crank,and put the v4 head and power cam on,or take the 209 kit off and put on the 278 kit,which do you recomend for me,and wot did i do wrong,i hope you dont mind answering my question
    Thanks for your answer.I have some questions to ask to you.My msn address is Please add me.
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