Malossi mhr team1 daily driver.

Sr50 minah

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Would an mhr team1 last daily driving? I don't drive hard. Carb 21mm, exhaust so far none but looking at a roost sp1. I want an mhr cylinder. Replica got boring pretty quickly
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Well in my opinion you can have a "daily" with an MHR team (I did). But you really have to know your stuff about wear and tear and replace things on time and make sure it's mixture is really good and use good oil. In my time i used castrol A747, don't know if it is still the go to oil or something better has come around.
One ring on the piston isnt very reliable. Because the RPM of the cilinder is to high for daily use and its noisy as well. It gets a lot of wear in a short of time..
So then you risking to soon a decrease of engine compression.If the ring will wear bit by bit it will loosing more compression over time. When the compression fails then you get a lot of problems to get the engine running good again... I would not choose for every time to replace parts and open up the engine again and again, but its better with less time in maintenance and have a high mileage, and having an reliable scooter when you need it, instead of stranding next to the road.

The MHR kits arent build for high mileage. They are intend to use on circuit tracks where they only make short runs.
It just depends on what you want to achieve. I don't know how many kilometers you drive and how strict the laws are in Italy.
I'm not from italy, we don't have any rules against mods and i don't ride that often. I already bought a hebo manston doe :p

Bas how much oil did you put in 1L of gas? And should i go for 95 or 98?
Depends on the oil. Castrol A747 I did it in 40:1 and higher octane (but i had a slightly different setup)