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    Malossi mhr team1 daily driver.

    Would an mhr team1 last daily driving? I don't drive hard. Carb 21mm, exhaust so far none but looking at a roost sp1. I want an mhr cylinder. Replica got boring pretty quickly
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    Roost rs5 on mhr replica

    I found a roost rs5 for a good price, i would like to buy it, but would it fit mhr replica 70cc with 21mm carb?
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    Mhr replica 70cc minah every day use squish

    What squish should i set to mhr replica 70cc minah lc for everyday driving? We have 95 or 98 octane which one should i use? I ran my rep now with probably a huge squish since it doesn't have any spacers underneath the cylinder and its quite boring.