Need help with jetting

jog rr lc

jog rr lc
:? need your help i am not sure what size jetting to use, i have a Yamaha jog rr lc, its used as a every day bike i think richer jets would be more appropriate do to that i do not want to :)(seize:() it.
my set up is:

  • mhr team big bore 77 (untuned)
  • mhr team o4 pipe
  • mhr team 85mm crank
  • malossi intake manifold
  • v-force reed block
  • delorto 21mm carb
  • mhr overange clutchs
  • mhr kevlar belt
  • mhrdelta clutch
  • mhr red tourque spring
  • mhr red clutch springs
  • mhr wing clutch bell
  • malossi primary gearing 13/44
  • mvt ignition flywheel
  • mhr high voltage coil
please i need help
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