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welcome @ our english forum. This is for al the people, who can't speak dutch, but still want to learn something about scooters, or have questions about tuning.

The most important rule is, speak english, so everybody can understand you.

If you don't know the english word, describe the part of thing, or else use the word in your languae for it.

Enjoy your stay here.

Greetz, the Scooterforum.net and Scootertuning.net Crew.
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when will i know when i got a reply to my questions.. because on a different forum they sent u an email telling u that u got a reply... or do i just have to check all the time??
Up top in the topic, click on 'Thread Tools', then 'Subscribe to this thread' and you will recieve a notification email when someone has replied on that specific topic..

Up top in Quick Links, you can manage your subscribed threads in 'Subscribed Threads'.
Not open for further replies.
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