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  • Hey, could you give a fellow Filipino in the states some advice? I have a 1996 Jog 3kj with a Mallossi 70cc mhr replica kit, multivar, fly clutch, 19mm dellorto phbg, and Leo vince exhaust. Its pretty fast, but the front drum brake sucks. I saw some pics of your bikes, and you swapped the front forks. I want to swap my front forks so I can have a disk brake. What forks will fit the Jog?
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, but it seems this is that place to be for high performance 2-strokes. And it looks like you are the man when it comes to tuning. I have a 70cc Evo mated to a C16 Exhaust. I was wondering what the effects would be if I put on a milder exhaust like a Yasuni R or a Stage 6 exhaust on it.

    Another thing is when I am taking off, its either on or off, no in-between. I feel like I need to rev high just to get going. I have a red Malossi Contra spring, stage 6 clutch with white springs. As I am using this scooter in San Francisco, I need to be able to just "chill" sometimes. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Well I suppose I could refit my stock airbox with some added breathing holes. I did notice that the fiberglass packing did have some burn marks on it. Is it normal to have flames that far down the pipe, seems odd but what so I know. Oh and thanks for the tip on the secondary gear again!
    Hey Tiba,

    Long time no chat. You were askin me if I was tired of the 70cc Polini yet? An if I was ready for more displacement? Not at all. I got that Polini evo Screaming man, it's awesome. However I was going to ask you about trying to quiet it down a little (neighbors you know). How about an airbox around my high flo air filter to supress induction noise? Or is there another pipe I canrun on the EVO cylinder with good power but a little quieter than the EVO pipe?

    Also what was the secondary gear you were telling me to install so that I fall somewhere between stock and the 13/44 gear I added?

    Thanks Bud,


    P.S. How's all your projects and racing going?
    Hello, This is Billy Holt from the United States. How have you been?
    I have a important question, maybe you know the answer.
    What is the horsepower difference between a 2fast, (77cc) exhaust, and a 2 fast (90cc) exhaust, and a 2fast (70cc) exhaust. The engines I have would be the 70cc malossi, and the 90cc 2 fast. But I only have the one exhaust the 2fast for 77cc engine.
    Is the change big (great) enough for me to buy a exhaust for each particular engine size?

    Have you seen one of the Franco Sprocatti rotary valve minarelli engines run and what are your thoughts?

    Thanks Again,
    Billy Holt
    Just popped in to tell you that you were right a year and a half ago when you said that you thought the evo pipe would clear the centerstand, it did. Up and Down. At least on a 2002 F-15 from Malaguti it did. Confirmed! Even the instructions said that it wouldn't.
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