pipe silencer


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i have purchased a somewhat freeflow pipe, it performs very well but after a month using it, it becomes noisy and some high pitch metallic sound comes from it when it vibrates, so i opened it up and found out that the foam like material around the perforated metal tube is almost gone, so i got myself some fiberglass and repacked it.

I want to have it modified to i won't need to repack the silencer every so often. can someone show me a diagram of a silencer for a 150cc 4stroke engine that can mimimize the noise from the engine, without really restricting the flow, i hope someone can shoe me a design or a plan on how to do it.

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when repacking the muffler wrap around a very fine mesh screen on the core & use a white fiber packing material it's much resistant to heat & lasts longer than the yellow ones.