wtb good stroker pipe

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the Philippines now only makes decent racing exhausts for Dio stroker engines apart from taiwan, i know the guy who owns the shop that exports his pipes to Hawaii which sells it there under a different name (scorpion).


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Dio Stroker Muffler Pipe

Thanks Tiba,

I have a simiar Dio Stroker 120cc and i am also looking for a Muffler style Pipe (Muffler and silencor combo pipe/not an Expansion style race pipe), but not an expansion type pipe as i am looking for a Muffler Quiet stealth type Pipe (like a canister style OEM on a Jog 50cc, but much bigger for 120cc). a guy in Hawaii said he had one but I lost contact with him. I think he said it was called a Chamelion Pipe? May be a YMS Pipe?

I a looking for a Honda Dio/Elite S. Muffler Pipe for a true Big Bore; I know they make Mufflers for 70cc, but i want the best Muffler pipe i can find for 120cc Dio???????

Tiba, who in Hawaii can you recommend to help me??

Sorry risingsun13, I cannot help you as I am also looking for Pipe help, but Listen to iba as he knows mor than about anyone i know or have ever heard of about Scooters and Motors.

Thank you all,


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try get in touch with VT cycles, they sell plenny pipes. to me it sounds like you guys might want a pg long. pg long pipe with an airbox is a pretty quiet set up and still can hamma.


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@risingsun, like Rydah1 mentioned earlier the PG Long would be a great pipe for your motor since you aren't at or higher than 120cc, if you are going to go larger than 114cc you should look into a PG Big exhaust (real loud but handles larger cc motors) or a Scorpion (but from what I've heard the Scorpion has a flat spot in the power band which can't be tuned out [and I'm biased]).


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Dio Big Quiet Muffler Pipe, and Airbox

Thanks Keoni,
Yes Keoni, i want a quiet muffler pipe with airbox that can still Hamma, but it seems my 120 is too big for PG long as you said " PG Long would be a great pipe for your motor since you aren't at or higher than 120cc"

I guess you are saying PG Long is closest to what i need, but not as big as it could be for 120cc, so, will PG ever make a Big Quiet Muffler in future like the PG Big, but that is quiet like I want?????

I heard the Honda Ruckus Airbox could work for the airbox???
Would this work better than the DDX Box or DDX copy box??
I heard DDX airbox no longer available???

Thanks Keoni
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