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Op de website van MXS racing Kwam ik leuk voor SPUL tegen minarelli.
Ook nog gelijk prijzen erbij via maxiscoots

Ze verkopen losse cilinders, uitlaten, lagers in krukassen voor minarelli.
Ik ga nog een voor Nederlandse ff zorgen vertaling
Maxiscoot and MXS Racing are proud to present to you the fruit of many years of development: the pack cylinder crankshaft pot MXS GP 90cc 2 stroke 45mm MBK Nitro / Aerox ! It is of course offered at a discounted price!

Content GP 90cc pack:

  • The cylinder head MXS GP90 Version 2 MBK Nitro / Aerox
  • The crankshaft MXS GP90 MBK Nitro / Aerox (stroke 45mm / 90mm rod / 12mm axle)
  • The pot MXS GP90 MBK Nitro / Aerox

With an original patented design , this pack cylinder crankshaft MXS GP 90cc 2 stroke 45mm offers a capacity of about 90cc (diameter 50mm / 45mm stroke / rod 90mm = 88cc). Designed specifically for racing engines, it achieves very high performance level!

"Version GP 2 "makes a change in the shapes of the exhaust and a new stud bolt in order to further optimize the performance of this kit MXS cylinder pipe. With the right combinations of parts, high engine develops a power of about 26 to 28 horses without any modifications. The exclusive design of its transfers also provides a " pair " absolutely phenomenal 18Nm and at low revs!

This pack cylinder crankshaft pot GP 2 MXS 90 is extremely efficient at startup, acceleration and speed. Its reliability is also "high-end" through careful design and use of high quality materials (made in Europe).

It is essential to use this pack MXS GP 2 with a carburetor of at least 30mm (38mm is ideal), a clutch of "upscale" competition, a variation "great beach", "long" transmission and a digital ignition internal rotor (Stage6 R / T).


  • You will need to mill your crankcase for the passage of masses of 45mm stroke crankshaft and to the foot of the cylinder (map included).
  • It is possible to get even more power with the cylinder using the stud bolt "competition" sold separately (only the essence of competition!), Bringing the power of the kit up from 28 to 29 horses .

Shape optimized transfers
The volume and velocity of gas flow within the cylinder dependent on the size and shape of the transfer, in general limited by the presence of the cylinder fixing bolts. On the cylinder 90 MXS GP2's patented screw and not by bolts removes this limitation and provides transfers form the most optimal. Plot exclusive head
Delivery MXS GP2 cylinder 90 includes a stud bolt "base" which offers a very good compromise between acceleration and top speed. To increase the power of all the MXS Racing team developed a stud bolt special "competition". To avoid the rotation thereof by tightening / loosening the plug, a pin was machined on the lid to lock properly during assembly.
An exhaust pipe 3 part
The GP2 MXS cylinder 90 is equipped with an exhaust conduit 3 part, commonly called "boosters to". This significantly increases the surface discharge, compared with a "standard" exhaust. The two bars that form the "boosters" allow the segment to suffer less stress, and therefore more reliable maximum. valve cover aluminum
CNC milled entirely new

A perfect finish in every detail with a head cover fully billet and covered with a beautiful green anodizing. CNC milling guaranteed optimal results.
Cooling carefully studied
Thanks to an aluminum plate that directs the flow of coolant, the temperature generated by the cylinder is optimally distributed. Particular attention was paid to the exhaust duct with the concept of a "water chamber" around it. The exhaust temperature is found in lowered, thus better performance is obtained. fastener unique patented
The fixing of the cylinder has been patented and helps push the form of transfers in proportions never reached so far. Which offers complete freedom of design channels the cylinder.

Testbank uitdraai:

Wat meer foto's

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Ook nog een full montagehandleidingen gevonden
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Ik ben zo vrij geweest om Google translate eroverheen te gooien, dus sorry als het soms vaag vertaald is :)
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