Kiesler sprint frame..?

hi there
does anyone know if the piaggio 125cc engines (typhoon/runner etc.) will fit these frames as they say on scooter attack it will fit the minarelli/piaggio engines..?
thanks dave
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No, the frame is designed for a minarelli horizontal crankcase. You can weld an other subframe on it. But then you will be better off to make your own frame.

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If you read the description you can fit piaggio or minarelli engine because of the nice design.

"Eine durchaus bezahlbare und elegante Lösung bietet hier die Firma Kiesler Racing mit ihrem Sprintrahmen für Piaggio- und liegende Minarelli-Motoren."

It will work with both!
ok thanks, i did read the description i just wanted to double check. :)
i know that the 50cc engine mounts are a few mm smaller than the 125cc mounts, so i will have to 'widen' the mounts a little so the 125 engine fits,
do you think the frame could cope with a +30hp 172 motor? because im worried it might be to weak and bend? :p

thanks dave

also what would happen about the rear suspension with this frame? im assuming it has to be solid?
just checked one out. The welds are horrible, the construction is + the finishing touche (is there any?) is horrible to.