Kiesler long wheelbase kit Minarelli


hey guys do you know how can we contact Kiesler? we want to get this part from them, it is just what we need for the 2Fast engine when we put it on another Jog frame.




my fried trueOverrev found this on Kiesler's website but they don't have a contact posted, any help would be very appreciated. :)
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Hey..I dont think scooters are for little kids either...Ive been playing the background,but ill be talking more soon...I want one of those extenders too.Im from the USA
truOverrev go get 2 for the both of us when you buy 'em, i have some serious upgrades in store for the MHR Team engine, the little 70cc isn't going to retire from racing in the 90cc class just yet, not by a long shot (but it's still no match for the 2Fast engine which is our masterpiece).
Tiba cant you fabricate this one your own? it would cost you 10 times more to get it to the philipines insteda of making it yourself. looks very simple, and i hopeit is :)
yeah i have it. definately something you could make out of plate steel with a template. But is pretty cheap and comes with all the extra hardware. I had to get a 4" shock extender machined (still waiting on that). The rear brake cable barely reached and a I needed a longer throttle cable.
Heres a before and after pic to show teh extension.

@Str8tdum Looks AWESOME dude! BTW how much did you pay for that and what store did you order from. Shipping and Tax and everything. and what type of payment??? I'll be needing 2sets one for our 2FAST and one for TIBAS MHR.

One more thing hows the ROOST's pipe performing??? Do you have DYNO results. Sure thing looks nice! Lucky MAN.
that BW looks cool !!! i built one and think you might like the look of the head light set up,, will try post pics,,
As for the mount extender, got mine on the way, and seems reasonable. I will get one, and then make a few myself to see how it turns out. Will let you know.