Jog RR #18 Race Time!


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Good morning!

As I said in my presentation, I had a Yamaha Neos racing, but various problems have decided to remove it to make a running Jog RR.

I bought a chassis and now I'm riding it in my spare time. The goal is t to finish this month and start training in February.

The first thing I did was work the chassis, lightweight and prepare radiator supports, footrests and rebar.

I have also blocked the subframe at two points

Once everything is ready, to prepare some sheets. I had to agujerearlas to fit reinforcing bars and create an air flow in the radiators. The reinforcing bars have also welded together to stiffen later the soldare to avoid twisting the chassis remain rigid and 100%

Once you are i am just starting to assemble parts. So the mess :)

He was riding front clip Rs50 but due to various problems the serve and montare one Voca Racing.
So now I have the bike stop until they reach parts.

A greeting fellow, excuse my writing, I do not speak much English, I hope to improve :)
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Let's give some life to the post. I'll put the preparation that will lead hehe.

- Carter to drive back Mh
- Cylinder Malossi MHR Team 7T I faced the carter
- Nock Kiesler Racing
- Vertex Piston with holes for cooling the cylinder wall (critical area)
- B85 Crankshaft Malossi MHR Racing
- Rotor DIGITRONIC Malossi with different curves
- Exhaust pipe craft Cantillana
- Safety sheet Malossi VL14, as amended
- 28 Original Keihin Carburetor
- Drive Malossi MHR overange
- Pulleys Malossi MHR overange
- Clutch stage 6RT
- Bell stage clutch 6 Rt
- Primary Development Stage 6
- Cover Polini developments

See if the exhaust pipe works well, if I buy a Yasuni C30. With the Yasuni C30 engine works 14.500rpms, to see if I'm with cantillana, theoretically, it is shorter.

Part cycle:
- Rim 12 "slick tires Bridgestone Battlax
- Malaguti rear wheel, front jog (lightweight)
- Suspension Bars tailored to circuits here, more compressed and more viscous oil to prevent ricochet
- Adjustable rear shock Kundo KRD in hardness and rebound, with nitrogen bottle. a separate hose.
- Rear dial Galfer, Grimeca caliper with sintered metal pads and Brembo brake pump.
- TNT 230mm front disc, racing caliper with pads Voca metal semi siterizadas and AJP brake pump Yamaha TZR modern.
- Lightweight Chassis
- Subframe locked in a colon and silentblocks
- Fiber fairings for racing (to train plates series)
- Handlebar modified to make it more comfortable
- Use the fuel tank expansion vessel of a Renault R5
- Radiators Honda CR250
- Electric water pump Clio 16V to the cooling system

What do you think the preparation? Here in Spain it is usually "typical" to run.
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