Jetting problems stage6 big bore

Johnny T

Well-Known Member
I need help, I have fitted a stage 6 sport pro mk2 70cc kit and stage 6 sport pro replica exhaust to my Adly silver fox.
I was recommended to start with a 88 - 90 main jet in the standard carb. I cannot get my scoot running properly. The 88 & 90 jets cause a rich mixture so I de restricted the standard air box by drilling 3x6mm holes in the air box. There was a slight improvement but any stock 50cc will blow me away in its current state. I have also adjusted the needle which i believe is pretty close but the main jet is difficult to set.
I have been advised to purchase a derestricted cdi which is on the way and some lighter roller weights. Helpful advice would be much appreciated, cheers.
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