hmm re jetting and rollers.

ben thomson

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im confsed by jet sizes
i have a 52 70cc big bored engine with a bigger carb air filter and a sports exhaust with 4.8g rolers and a kevlar belt
im not sure what size rollers to get next as i haev just done the 70cc kit.. mabe 7g? 7.5g? any help anyone??
i took a 65 jet out of my ped with just the exhaust ive put everything else on with the adrenalinpedstop mans advice i put 5-10 for an exhaust (it hadnt been rejetted for the exhaust this is why my old 50cc piston melted!!) and 10-15 for air filter + 10-15% for a 70cc kit! im running a 92 jet althuhg i think it is too much anyone got any help?? and adjusting the feul/air mixture anyone can help me and advice?
thanks ben
if want to discuss on msn
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