I need help tuning a runner 180 2t


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Hello everyone, glad to be here. A friend of mine told me that i might be able to find answers here. I bought a runner 180 2t (gilera), and i want to slowly tune it to a point where the power is comfortable enough for me to ride. I used to have larger motorcycles so im not new to fast bikes, and the runner right now is fine, not slow and not fast, its almost stock. Here is the thing, ive searched a lot, and others say that getting a ready malossi or fabrizi kit is the way to go, others say that u can male the cylinder larger and fit a wosner piston in it to up the cc. Honestly i dont know. All i can tell you is what the bike is using atm:

Crankshaft: Jasil racing
Cylinder and piston: Original Piaggio
Carb: Oko 25”
Exhaust: Handmade, i dont know the brand or anything else about it.

I just need some ideas as to where and how to start. Location: Europe

Thanks a lot!
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