need some help. 150cc scooter , 4 stroke. won't start.


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so basically here's the thing. back in mid october through till mid november i let my scooter sit because i needed a new throttle cable. got that replaced it and it ran fine till mid december. mid december i ride to work and on my way home about 3 blocks away i'm sitting in an intersection and it just loses all power , turn the throttle and it bogged right down. had to call a buddy with a truck to come pick me up. sounds like a dirty carb right ? well i cleaned the carb once , wouldn't start. cleaned the carb a second time , it started and stayed running for a few then just slowly sputtered out and no matter what i did with the throttle it wouldn't stay running. after that it wouldn't start. so i leave it for a few days and try again and it just backfires on me. so i'm thinking i'm just going to replace the carb with a new one and replace myspark plug , gas and oil. all that good stuff. basically wondering if that's the best decision or maybe some suggestions. from what i've seen a new carb and all that will run me probably about $80-$100 so that isn't a big deal but i'd rather be sure thats what i do. also i am dciding whether or not to get a carb with a manual choke or stick with the auto choke carb
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