Used bws sport build need help


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Hello :) it going to be a long explanation uh :D

So im going to present myself im 19 years old going 20 and im going to get my Car driving license soon and i have currently a ford explorer 4x4 4l

So im looking to get a scooter for fun purpose modding and stuff and to ride daily with it.

So i need to know what i shoud look for on a scooter used ?

im an atv guy so i have some mechanic experience and some friend with modded scooter that already gave me some tip but they are 17 years old.

I think i should look for a Yamaha bws sport from like 2002 to 2012 i think it the only years they have been build with about 15-25k km on them for like 400-1000$ canadian

I know the odometer can be removed and put in later so i know it can be almost dead.

After i buy the scooter im gonna ride it a bit stock to see if i like that seriously.

After im looking to mod it and need some help on that too all i need is part info and i have the help for free to build it and myself can do most anyways.

With about 1000$ budget max

I want the most HP and reliability possible at the lowest rpm possible to get good fuel comsumption and be able to use stock EXHAUST

So i expect to maybe change cranshaft + bearing + Clutch + Variator and maybe mod the intake but i dont want to make more noise.

A malossi sport in iron is interresting ? But im unsure if a aluminium build could give me lot more power?

Im not a top speed fan i want to do 70kmh and have the most torque possible.

Thank you :)
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if you're going to ride it every day i would recommend a cast iron cylinder because of reliability issues.
70kmh is very possible with a 70cc, with a proper expansion exhaust it wil probably run faster though.
don't know about stock exhaust. if you want max torque you should definitely upgrade the vario, clutch and carb.
however it's not going to be really fuel efficient. if you want speed and good fuel effeciency i'd recommend buying a 125cc four stroke or something similar.
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