HELP with aerox frame and 28mm CARB.

Moo Moo

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After long period that we didnt had racing, the 2006 season is coming up!
We're in the middle of the assembly of the new parts, the FINAL setup is:

*MHR RHQ 12 pen crank
*Yasuni C30
*Stage 6 PWK28mm Carb (including kisler peice and the piaggio intake manifold)
*Complete MHR OverRange 2005
*MHR Delta cluch
*MHR wingbell
*MHR VL14 reeds
*Athea CDI
*Malossi RS24 ShockAbsorer

Now wer'e need to cut and rebuild the chassis so we will be able
To install the BIG carb. I remember a thread about it,but i couldnt find it.

Can anyone please upload pictures / Diagrams / Plans (anything helpfull) of this
kind of modafication?

Is there Any damage to the scooter chassis if doing so?
Like could it be less stable round the corners?

Here's a picture of the carb parts:

And here's the aerox

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