Difference in Polini ignitions


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Hey guys. Polini seems to have 2 model ignitions for horizontal minarelli motors.
Theres the 171.0530 for Vino, Jog, and Aprilia Rally. And there is the 171.0531 for the Aerox 50. The 0531 seems to be the one that everyone stocks. I think the 171.0529 is for vertical minarelli.

Does anyone know what the difference is? My scoot is basically an aprilia Rally clone which I made liquid cooled, but almost all the engine and tranny parts off and Aerox 50 are what I am using on my bike now.

How do I know which igntion to order or anyone know where I could find out (in english)

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What I think is this;

The ignition for the Jog/Rally etc, is an "ac" model (with a plate for the fan) and the model for the Aerox 50 is a "LC" model. Without the plate for the fan).

Malossi has the same, but it doesn't matter which one you choose.