2003 malaguti yesterday

I need help trying to figure out why my relay switch is hot as soon as I plugg it in. I know that it should be hot on one side untill I push the starter button. my relay is hot sending 12 volts to the starter before I push the starter button. Not sure what to do next. Please help I have replaced the relay. thanks
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Staff member
What relay did you replace exactly? Do you have a picture of the part? I have trouble understanding what your problem is exactly.
sorry about that, it's the starter relay. It has 4 prongs on it. one blue coming from the battery, one blue going to the starter (which stays hot all the time when the relay is plugged in), one red/white coming from the start button, red wire which makes all the lights hot. This scooter has been sitting for 5 years. when the bike was giving to me it only had the back side of the key switch which the owner were using a screw driver to start it. I replaced the battery and key switch and now I don't get any sound that and power is going to the starter when I press the start button. I replaced the starter relay thinking it might be that. When plugging the starter relay in I have click click sounds coming from it. Plugged in, I took a 12 volt tester and without press any starter button my blue wire going to the 12 volt starter is hot all the time. So I have check all electrical wiring, nothing is broken. So, now I'm at a lost what to check next. Thanks, hope this helps some with my starter relay problem.
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