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Troubleshooting Malaguti Firefox F15


New Member
Hi All,

I recently picked up a Malaguti Firefox F15. It's ~2004 but am uncertain. It was neglected and wasn't run for four years. I drained the gas, cleaned the carb and was able to start her right up. She starts, idles and revs just fine, but she takes about 30 minutes to warm up before I can drive her. Even then, she feels a bit low on power (will do about 25 on a straight, and struggles up hill).

I thought it might be a choke issue? I read that these bikes have an autochoke? However the service manual didn't mention a choke.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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TKTuning? PM!
I would suggestie cleaning (and replacing if nessesary) the entire transmisson. Variatie, poulies, clutch etc. Thans try again.

The warming of 30min is weird, this should be a couplet of minutes.


Staff member
Can you make a picture of your carburator. I'm certain it should be there, unless someone has replaced the carburator.


Voorheen [evolution]
6a3wyjP.jpg The black part on top of the carburateur is the electrical (automatic) choke , there must be a connection cable going to it , (mostly a white connection plug With a few wires) ..
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