Team 06 Neo's LC


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Hi :)
I am 14 year old and I'm from Denmark, so you shal not hope on the best english :p

Well, it's a Yamaha Neo's there is Lc

The setup :

Malossi MHR Team Speed 7T 06
Malossi MHR Eprom Innerrotor
Malossi MHR Delta Clutch
Malossi MHR Wingbell (chrom)
Malossi MHR Trimfjedre (black)
Malossi MHR Trykfjeder (45Kg)
Malossi MHR HT Roles
Dellorto 28mm VHST
-BPT- 45* injektion kit.
Polini Evo Vario
Polini Evo Rem
Polini Oversize Remskiver
Polini Sekundær Gearing
Polini Evo
Malossi Team 06 Exhaust
Twin air filter
Stage6 V-force3
Top Performance Trans-deksel

The styling -
LC System
TP Variodeksel
TNT Styr
Frompind from a bycycel
Bad Eye's
Gokart radiator
Tommaselli Gasgrib
Stage6 Temp / Rpm
Dobbelt Disc
TJT Oversize Bremseskive in the back
The back is clean

A bet pics -

I hope you will give som comments to it, and some iders.
I'l give some update's when there is happend some think.

I can say to start that the neo's is wild :D

Hello girls
I have a bet more pics :p

My injektion kit -

My Radiator -

My new Killswitc :D -

The Neo's -

My paint :D -

My polish wax -

My Thermostat -

A bit from me :)

Some pics in the happy wether :p



Some water end not in the radiator :p -

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InIMoeK said:
Haha... 14 years old :W
But how did you got that TJT oversized disc fitted into your backwheel?
The disc cut easy were there. It's the caliper I shul modificert. Look at one off the pics, you can see that i have uset some sandpapir to modificer :)
they will do it anyways, beter copy this one to the english forum yourself, and then delete thisone :) it's less work then for the mods to do it :)
OMFG 14 years old and building a project. Youre very Young man very good, keep it going and succes with it ( @ nl sorry ben niet zo goed in engeld ghehe )