Piaggio typhoon 125 Fule delivery problem


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Hello all,

My Piaggio Typhoon 125 has been stood in the garage for 18 month, this weekend I got it out, put a new battery on it and tried to start it, guess what, it wouldn't. Spark is fine, so I squirted a bit of fuel down the plug hole and it started, then died on me again. I then took the fuel pipe off of the carburettor and it seems no fuel is getting to the carb. Now I have worked on a few machines in my time but I have never seen a fuel system as convoluted as this one. Has anybody else come accross this problem or have a clue whats preventing the fuel getting through?

Your thoughts/comments would be most welcome.

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melf #50

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well , if the scooter has been standing still for 18 months then the fuel is already too old , better change it for fresh fuel , the fuel wel burn much less if it is old so the scooter wil start very bad and if it runs it will run poor..

and second thing to do with a scooter that has been standing for so lang is to take apart the carburettor and clean all parts of it , with compressed air , mostly the jets will be full of dirt that is in the fuel , and when the fuel is in the carburaettor that long the dirt wil be sucked in first..
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