Piaggio typhoon help need


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ive been having problems with my bike latley, this is what happend
i had been out on my bike all day and it was fine i left it for about 2 hours went to get back on started it up and the bike wouldnt go past 5 mph i could feel it diein. then it konked out (dunno how to spel it) then it wouldnt start.

so after lookin at it i decided to change the spark plug as the old one was coverd in sh** then i worked fine. but now its happend agian a few weeks later it seems like black crap is commin out of the head ive checked the piston rings and the piston it looked fine. so i really have no idea wot i could be. also checked the oil mixture thingy but i don no wot its supposed to be set as.

the only mod on it is the 50cc racing molossi head
and de resticed

hope theres enuf detail anyone have any ideas?!?!
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