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Hello from Vancouver island Canada :)

I am a new owner of what I believe is a Hyosung Prima Rally SF50R
The registration papers only say 2006 Hyosung Prima so I have had to research it as best I could.

I am very new to the 50cc scooter size, I have a Burgman 650 but that hardly counts as a scooter as I am sure you guys know :)
I understand that Hyosung used two versions of motor?
How can I tell if I have a minarelli or motorino version?
I am not planning on high perfing it, just makeing it a good runner, fixing the little issues so my wife and daughters can use it as a town run about.

I consider myself very mechanically inclined but the little scoots are a bit different than a motorcycle so I have some learning to do :)

Took me near half an hour to find the battery and I have yet to work out how to change the headlight bulb :)

Is changing these up to LED lights to relieve electrical load a decent idea? LED bulbs are so cheap now days...
I read somewhere that these have a speed/power restriction somewhere some how. Anyone know about that?

Thank you in advance!!
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Can you make a photo of your engine, so we could determine which engine is used for your type of scooter.
I will do that soon, I have to figure out how get the body work off and out the way first, only had it in my toy shop for a day now and have not had much time to look it over.



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By the way, I am now thinking this is an SF50B as it seems like a cross between the Hyosung Prima SF50 and the Rally SF50R
Hyosung SF50B / NEW PRIMA

Thinking there are not a lot of differences really :)
One-piece exhaust and single headlight with instrument pod, one thing about these Chinese/Korean scoots, identification seem to be a bitch...

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