Hyosung 50 Racing Suddenly Stopping


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I have a Hyosung 50 Racing Scooter.2007

The last few days it`s died on me every time I am on an uphill road. Sometimes also when on a flat road. This is rather upsetting. Usually before it was like a clock, always worked fine.

I have a few theories:

My theory is that it might be the gas filter, so that the engine does not get the gas it needs the most (in uphills) and dies.

2. I also had a thing like a screw thing installed via the gas for me to adjust the
idling? Don`t know if thats the world. The problem before was that whenever I was waiting on a red light and had no gas on the scooter would stop. And the setting on this might be wrong?


The fuse, I have a picture, but I am denied uploading it.

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This might have been a problem before I got the scooter cause it said it would be a spare and their was not. And in the manual it also said that the scooter might suddenly stop if their is a problem with the fuse. The drawing of the fuse in the Manuel is not the same as the real fuse. Also seems like its leaking?

Here is a video, showing the fuse better because the pciture is taken at 01 am.

I also have a video on YT just check out my channel linnjones, its the lates video.

Any help is really nice!



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