Gilera runner 50. Old or new model? Why?


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Been thinking of buying a Gilera Runner 50 because Ive heard it might be the most stable scooter in the 50cc class.


Are there any differences between the old Runner and the new model when thinking of driveability and stability.

Does the new and the old model share the same frame? How about brakes and shocks?

I like the looks of the newer version but the older one has the larger fuel tank which is a great plus.

I do own an Aprilia SR50R 2008 since new and its good for a 50cc. Brakes are good and it is spaceous but the rear shock absorber could be better. It bounces on fast corners.

If someone has ridden also SR. I would love some comparison. And of course all other opinions are welcome.
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my friend also has an old gilera runner i have an puch piaggio ntt. the old ones are faster they say. i am familiar with the bounces, never really noticed but when you starting too talk the subject i start thinking about it. his runner had this bouncing also just a little. maybe because my tank is on the rear, maybe bounces a little because too little weight on the backside and narrow design. i also noticed the absorber on the runner is very long. But i always like his runner better because his piaggio block has a larger reduction and a big gas tank. It was faster and i loved the key and the design of the lights.
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