Gilera Runner 50sp Help Choosing upgrade parts


New Member
So i have a gilera runner 50 sp 2013 stock and i want some help upgrading it.(I want to build High-end setup)

I already have the r-setup 14k exhaust (A gift from a frined) and now i am trying to choose a cylinder, carb etc...
For cylinder I am thinking about stage 6 R/T 70cc MK1 or Malossi mhr team 77cc big bore( My concernes are wich cylinder will work better with my exhaust and give me better resaults)
For carb i think stage 6 R/T VHST 24mm will do the job ;.
For crankshaft Stage6 R/T MKII 85mm Conrod
Air filter stage 6 double layer racing
For CVT kit Oversize CVT Kit Stage6 R/T
And Oversize Clutch Kit Stage6 (112mm)
Intake System Stage6 MKII
So this is it...anything i forgot or anything better to suggest me ;
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