DPR exhaust

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Wich cilinder are you using? You should first test how many RPM your cilinder makes, and then choose the exhaust that has the same (or allmost) RPM. :)
Bounkass said:
You think so? Does he make them for free or what?

Hmm im quite sure he dosent make them for free, hes not retardet after what i know of :D

But i know some guys who bought there DPR through him and told me that bouth the price and service was top nodge.

I see.. Well if PWK or _Beko_ want an exhaust from Mol.. Then they should both give them there setup and ask for the exhaust. :)
nothing, this is the best exhaust i have ever raced (for now), what i was trying to say is that if MOL was giving away free pipes i would have got one from him long ago & would have never shelled out the cash for the C21.

we were making fun of you don't you get it? :D

posted by Bounkass

"You think so? Does he make them for free or what?"