Daelim ns 125 dlx, starts but doesn't drive.


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Hello, I've bought anew old daelim ns 125 dlx in Spain. Ithe drove wel, one it didn't start, unfortunately I emptied the accuracy, so I tried the kickstart.

I stepped straight through it and it didn't came up by himself, now it's stocked in the beginning position.

I've changed the spark plug to the one advised in the service manual, cleaned electric contacts and charged the battery.

It starts with gas full open, I had to adjust the stationary, the engine gets to high revolution. But it hardly drives, and a after a few yards the engine stalls and cannot be started.

On the stand it keeps running stationairy.

I read about the drive belt, but given the fact that the kickstart is stocked, what else do I have to expect?
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In the most times the stuck kickstart is only the spring that isn't functioning anymore. Should be easy to repair.

The other problem sounds as bad mixture. Try to clean your carburator and air intake/box.
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