Yamaha Aerox Carburetor tuning


New Member
Stage6 70cc Streetrace (ported)
Stage6 HPC Crankshaft
RMS Skf Bearings and seal
Leovince TT black
DellOrto 17.5mm (80Main)
Modified airbox with polini double layer
Yasuni Axial
Yasuni 5.4g
Polini 3G Evolution
White contra-spring
RMS Clutch bell
Polini wide belt
MF derestricted intake
Malossi reed pedals (0.35)

Hello everyone, i have a question. Did anyone have a setup like me, because im having trouble with the jetting and carb tuning. i has standard airbox running with 75jet almost perfect, little to rich. Today i drilled the backside od the box to let more air in. I started with 75 jet, was poor. Then i did 80 and i think its better but at like 1/4 of throttle its good but then if i pull the throttle it just wants to die and if i let go of gas its back again. Also when idling, i see fuel going out of the airbox, dont know why. Should i try even more upjeting or down to 70?
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