The Speedfight Black Edition EVO3


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I bought a speedfight 2 -02 a year ago and it looked like this:



I fixed the front end first and then a couple more problems.

Then I've tuned it ever since and last fall it looked like this:

Then at the end of the last autumn, i fell from a wheelie and several things broke.
So I tought why i wouldn't do cople wicked tunings cause I had to rip it part anyway.

This far I've got:




The middle suspension is so unfinished but I've tried it already and it seems to work.

Here is the original topic (in finnish)

Sorry for the quality of the last pictures, they are taken with a cellphone camera.
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Forgot to mention:
Just ripped the scoot into pieces and hopefully lots of parts including rims, frame and motorblock goes to a painter.

Few parts get some red but the most of the parts get black paint.
You'll see then, when I get the parts back and rebuild tha scoot for starting.
I haven't even started with the bodywork so it'll take probably 2 montsh to get this compleatly done.
what cylinder do you have on your bike. is that for a piaggio. also what pipe will match up to your cylinder.
I got the first patch of parts back, inc. frame, motorblock, center-suspension parts etc.

I'm really not 100& satisfied with the work the painter did.
there is spots what got whitout paint but the paintwork is good there where it is.

One spot is the place for the rear shock as you see in the pictures:



I like it, nice clean work :)
So are you planning to make the rear end longer? I think that would look sweet, go for it bro ;)
Now i have tested how this thing moves.

I got 93km/h to sigma bicycle speedometer.
Still some working to do whit carb to get the motor run the smoothest.
I don't think that I get over 100km/h but very close to it.
There has been a break with this project but now I'm back in business.
Some bodywork has been done lately and here is a few pics:






A lot more has been done, but I don't reveall anymore before I get the rear looking like something and get the bodywork look smooth