Søgges Aprilia Twin Sonic


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Hello SF.net :)

One of my mates have asked me to post this little project of his, because he didn't have time to do it by himself. His name is Søgge and he is a young danis scooter tuner.

The story behind the bike started in a garage a late night. I had a couple of Aprillia Sonic frames, what i didn't know to do with. I had the sudden idea of building the two frames together. One of my freinds brought over some material and we started to weld the 2 frames to 1 :)

The engine mounted is one of my old Aprilla Sonic engines (short minarelli horisontal) with the setup:

Athena Racing AC *modifyed*
Athena Racing udstødning @ Piaggio
Std. tænding - Italkit to come
Athena crankshaft
Polini Speed Control vario
Stylepro (Koso) Clutch
Stylepro (Koso) 28mm Carburator (PWK)
Koso 28mm manifold
Koso reedblock
24% Stylepro (Koso) Transmission

Ekstra equipment + "Styling":

Heidenau Slicks front and rear
Koso Digital rpm
Lots of custom bodywork, see the pics ;)
+ Some other stuff

Enough said - Here is the pictures:


As you can see, there is alot work still to do. The bodywork has to be modyfied a bit more and then painted.

What do you guys think? :D

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Razma said:
what is the reason for this project 8P

To make a fun scooter - We don't have so many speciel projects in Denmark, so this project could be a way to "kickstart" people ;)
Mr.mekker(DK) said:
This is SO nice..
I like it A lot :) I look forward to try it Inex and søgge :)

Looking forward to try it :) The engine should have around 14-15 HP with stock iginition.
Have you thought about a wheel and suspension at the part between the two halves? I think that would be sweet. like a rollerblade skate.