My Best chilhood memories with Yamaha Aerox + All Projects


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Hello. My name is Morfy! I'm from Latvia. I'm runing the biggest scooter page in instagram @aerox_family. I was searching for any kind of bike/scooter forums to share with the things that i'm doing!

So a bit from me. In my 13.yrs old birthday my parents gifted me a scooter (It was unexpected, as i didn't wanted to became as scooter driver haha) The first scooter was Znen Wacky, super ugly chinese scoot, i didn't even wanted to drive with it in city, but after some time, i found the way how can i tune it, to make the look better.

In 15 Yrs i started dreaming about aerox and hustled a lot to get it. Even if i live in Latvia i found Aerox in Holland and found the way how to get it to me.
It arrived to me in 1 week at midnight, i won't be able to get to sleep as i was waiting for it. even when i received it, i already at midnight tested how it runs, so my whole night was without sleep and in next day at school i won't be able to focus on studies as i was dreaming of how i will clean it and ride with it :D

After some more time i decided to make a video for youtube, how i drive arround the city with my friends and i really enjoyed making an edits and also got a lot of views on my videos, so for now i'm already with 15k subscribers, still don't understand how it happened haha.

I would be able to talk more and more, but i think better could be to show off some of my best videos here.
If you will like it feel free to check my channel to go deeper.
For the moment i'm making last aerox project, after which i will move to the supermoto and will continue amazing content on Youtube <3

Here is the first video that became popular on Youtube (I'm with black scooter) We were driving with my friend and his powerfull Aerox

Some cool driving arround the city

Going to my first meetup in capital city riga (it's 60km from my city, so we went by our own with scooters to them)

I decided to learn a wheelies and it took for me 1 week, i was practicing each day arround 5 hours. My hands was tottally dead :D

This one is one of my fav edits. Some off road adventures and first time got pulled over by police (They just warned us about wheelies and checked all docs)

Almost captured my first crash on bad road, while i was doing a wheelies on my knees.. got really scared

Spedning my last days with my first scooter (As i decided to sell it before seasson ending) Very nice video

My most popular video on youutbe wiht over 600k views. I was just painiting my parts and setting up new parts to my another project

And there was my last video with my 2nd Aerox that i tried to build for stunting
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