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hello people i am from croatia and I have speedfight 1 (tunned), but I would like to do some optical modifications on it.

I found on your web site some scooter that gave me an idea of visual tuning for my scooter, but there is only one picture of this scooter.

My question for you is if you have project of the scooter that I am speaking about.

This is the scooter that I would like to see the project:

thank you a lot and greatings from speedfight-freaks team croatia
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scooter freek said:
hehe tnx very much....so people you have a lot of mony ??

You maybe frome Croatia, but that's no excuse for talking really dumb. Put some effort into typing correct English :rolleyes:
Not even talking about the fact if we have a lot of money has nothing to do with anything.

There is no projectpage on this forum of the speedfight you posted. Search the web, there are a lot of pictures to find.