Clutch pulling or smth > new info need!!


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Hi, I have

Polini Sport
Polini For Race
Delta clutch
19mm carb on right now.. and im using stock variator at the moment with stock rollers , also my carb main jet is 75 which is stock.. but im running pretty good but the problem is..

Im running with full throttle and let the throttle down and put it full again, It just doesn't take REVs/RPMs up . Im using Yellow malossi Clutch springs and stock Contrast spring, i thought that the problem is in variator because its stock ? and mainjet is stock too ? or maby its because contrast spring ?

Sorry about my questions, im pretty noob and this is my first setup. All suggestions please write here, Thanks! :)
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Yea, variator kit is too necessary but the Scooter-center send me wrong one and i Sold it and now im going to buy new, but might the yellow contrast spring or maby something else??
i think you need to have a higher needle !!
if you have the scooter stationery and snap the throttle how does it respond~?
the spring is way too soft
to counter act it you'll be needing about 6* 2g weights
your not doing stock rpms, so why use the stock settings?