main jet

  1. Aerox_enthusiast

    Aerox roller size& main jet tuning question.

    Hello all, I've recently completed my setup on Yamaha aerox 50cc containing : 70cc Malossi sport Kit Stage 6 replica derestricted exhaust Geforce 3 reed valve 17.5 PHVA Delorto carb Multivar 2000 with x3 4.5g and x3 5g rollers 110mm clutch with blue spring and red central spring Main jet 98...
  2. arkAC

    Info Main Jet & Spark Plug Color indications / Bougie kleur indicatoren

    THE MAIN JET It’s one of the most important elements of the carburetor’s adjustment, because it calibrates the fuel delivered by the main system. To begin you have to try some jets, and it is good to start with a bigger jet to prevent the engine damage with a too poor fuel mixture that would...