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Piaggio, Gilera & Vespa

Immobiliser systems

The following pages are an explanation of the original fitment immobiliser systems fitted to vehicles beginning in the 1990's with the original (pre Leader) Vespa ET4.

Most space is devoted to the system fitted to Leader engined vehicles because this is by far the most common.
Much of the operation of other systems is the same as the Leader system.

Systems covered:

Leader Pre Leader Quasar Master

Published January 2006 1st edition

Piaggio and other after market alarms and immobilisers are not covered here.

Copies of this and other Piaggio technical information can be obtained from the Piaggio UK dealer portal web site
or from Piaggio Ltd.

Immobiliser Systems INDEX


Page 2 - Explanation of operation & Fault codes Page 3 - I need new keys
Page 4 - I need new locks
Page 5 - I need to fit a new CDI / Immobiliser unit Page 6 - No Spark - Fault Finding Flow Chart
Page 7 - LED Not Flashing - Power supply problem Page 8 - Immobiliser functioning correctly

Page 9 - Programming a CDI / Immobiliser Page 10 - Transponder not detected
Page 11 - Transponder not recognised PRE LEADER

Page 12 - Page 13 - QUASAR Page 14 - Page 15 - Page 16 - MASTER Page 17 - Page 18 - Page 19 -

Explanation of operation & Fault codes Pre Leader ET4 wiring explanation

Explanation of operation & Fault codes Notes on fault codes and diagnostic tester Programming

Explanation of operation & Fault codes Notes on fault codes
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