Vento zip r3i no spark.... help


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Hey guys, Forgive me, I'm a novice when it comes to repairing scooter. I recently purchased a used 2005 Vento zip r3i scooter (as is and not running) but very cheap. It only has 125 miles on it but has been sitting up for a couple of years. I put in a new battery.. Electrical works..
The other night I took the spark plug out and put it back in the rubber connecting joint and touched it to metal... I got a spark.... but couldn't get it to crank... I put some starter fluid in the air intake and it started up a couple of times for about 30 secs.. Then.. it went dead... I took the spark plug back out and tested.. no spark... I tried a different spark plug.. no luck...Next I went and bought and new connector that snaps on to the spark plug after it is screwed in. Even with the new part, no luck.
Am I missing something. It seems wierd that I would have spark.. and then all of a sudden nothing.. Anyway, I heard about a cdi, (i think) box.. and something else (Stator maybe) as possiblities but I'm starting to get a bit frustrated. Can you give me some direction please..
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Could be that your coil or CDI is dead but it alsow could be that you need a ground wire from the engine to the frame.

Is your cylinder getting petrol? Not that the only time it started was on the starting fluid.
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