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Hello, I have taken my cover off the variator many times, and now every single thread for the bolts, except for one has just broken, all the bolts fell out when i was riding and got home with 1 bolt holding it on.

Now its fully of black cable ties but what do you suggest I do to get it back to normal? is there anything I can do or shall i keep with the cable ties and one bolt? lol

Rick :#
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solution for stripped bolts

here is your solution...

here's a link showing how to use them.

[ame=""]YouTube - How to Repair Threads With A Heli-Coil Insert[/ame]

I would like to comment on the video for a sec.
1). He didn't stress the importance of not "walling" out the hole whilst drilling, be carefull to drill in strait and not wobble.
2).If you don't have the special tool for doing you can use your 3/8 or 1/4 inch socket wrench and 12 point socket. You will want both metric and standard 12 point sockets cause Its hard to tell which one will fit the square end.
3).When tapping it out you can use a spray lubricant to aid in cutting the threads. Just be sure to use compressed air to get all the lubricant out. If you don't have a compressor at your disposal get some compressed air (key board cleaner).

All in all this video is pretty accurate. And on a side not the advantage now is, your soft aluminum engine case now has stainless steel inserts that match the hardness of your bolts. Go ahead and get rid of all your original bolts and replace them with new stainless steel Hex keyed bolts, they will look nicer and will not rust. If ya wanna be anal about it back them up with some stainless flat washers, and also put an insert in the one "good" bolt you have left... cause its just a matter of time till that one to strips out.

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