Towards a "wheelie setup"

I finally got my stage 6 streetrace 70cc running decently with 19mm dellorto (stock intake) (92 main jet) all thought i might go to 89 main jet and try changing needle placement but the carburetor side is decent now.

Now the problem is variator side i got 4,3g rollers malossi multivar then a stock clutch with 50% big and 15% little springs and it really takes long time to get on the "power spike" around like 30km/h and i want to make it take the spike earlier. I've thought i would get little bit lighter rollers like 4g,s then probably 5g,s just in case i need them later on and then maybe a 60% big spring but i dont know how the little springs work.
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Do you mean your clutch is gripping to soon before it reaches optimal rpm?
That sounds like the right problem, i am not really expert on scooters' clutch but that sounds like that could be the problem. I've got 15% clutch springs in but i got package with 30% and 50% too


Staff member
I would try the stronger little springs. Stronger little springs make the clutch grip later in the bell house (dunno if it the correct word).
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