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any one had any experience with the top performances nardo rep exhaust ? i stuck on a decision between tht and the yasuni c16
on my sr , my set up is ,malossi mhr replica , malossi crank, malossi up gear, dellorto 21 mill, malossi kevlar belt , doppler air filter ,polini vareator, polni clutch... on scooter attack they recomend the nardo rep , and also ses the yasuni is gd and offer high revs but top proformance aint tht gd also bare in mind im am concidering donig some case work .
if the c16 would be best wich one wud work better on mi set up city c16 or the c16 raceiing

oh and also i have the stock torque spring fitted any help on what tension spring i shud get wud be ace
thanks chris
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realy quick exeleration but with a fair top speed to keep up with my m8 with a stage 6 racing cylinder . any other recommendation wud be great thanks chris


stronger midrange with a decent top speed increase huh.

sounds like a candidate for the city16, just remove the restrictor before you install them.


ScaR ?
Do you also know if the Nardco replica is an 'exact' replica / reproduction of the older TP nardo or if it is a completely different exhaust?
Cause i saw it on a site and i wanted to known if it was like the old nardo.
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