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[STC] Yamaha Aerox MKPR2. Latvia

Hi scootertuners. My name is Rudolf, and i come from Latvia, Jelgava. I`am 18 years old and i`am keen on as you see scooter tuning and proffesional bowling.
So 13.03.2008 i bought my second scooter- Yamaha Aerox R 2007.
Season 2008 i ride it with s6sport pro + c21 and 24mm, and at winter 2009 I set up my mkpr2 cyilinder and other high end stuff.

Present Setup:

-Metrakit Pro Race 2;
-Yasuni C21 Black Edition;
-Italkit Selettra Curva 2;
-Malossi MHR crankshaft
-MHR Overrange set;
-MHR Delta Clutch;
-MHR Wingbell;
-Stage6 Einlassystem;
-Keihin PWK powerjet 24mm;
-Stage6 Vforce3;
-Stage6 C4 bearings;
-Malaguti F12 cooler;
-SSP water pump;
-Koso GP Mini Tacho;
-Stage6 Subframe.



-Yasuni C21 Black Edition



- Stage6 Iepluudes sisteema ar vaarstu


- Stage6 Sport pro
- Malossi MHR crankshaft

Under Construction...

Season 2008 was rided by stock crankshaft on S6sp.


Some stuff
- Malossi E13
- Motul 710
- Stage6 adaptor


- Keihin PWK 24mm carb



Using RedBull can i made my handmade passageway collecter. So some gasoline from carb can flow into a can.


Mini update

-3,5gr rollers
- Tomaselli twist grip.
- Motul additive for cooling liquid . Reduces temp. for 15*C.


So for my high end engine need better cooling system, so i get on of the both F12 radiator.


-Stage6 bearings;
-Hebo small end bearing;

So i ride some test ride with my 2008. summer setup.

Some pics


So one stupi video from us :D
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJgkhT0HDhM"]YouTube - Stage6Sport Pro C21[/ame]


Area51 mudguard


-MHR Wingbell;
-MHR Delta Clutch;
-Stage6 Vforce3;
-Italkit Selettra Curva 2

-MHR Wingbell

-MHR Delta Clutch

-Stage6 Vforce3

-Italkit Selettra Curva 2

Sorry for pics quality. Photo shot by Vforce3 :D

So i get this legshield from my friend, and tunet it a little bit.


Tunet ignition cover;


So from another friend i get this plastic, so i tuned it too.

After that opening will be my F12 radiator.

I tuned other side of plastic too. Plastic has been painted by Craft spray color. 8) :D



-Metrakit Pro Race 2

So here is all of my high end parts, except Overrange set.


Polished igniton cover.

-SSP water pump


-MHR Overrange 2005 set


Season 2008 closed. Scooter under construction.

- Koso Mini GP tacho.

Place for it will be here.


Polished carb

Mounting crankshaft


1/2 in


Tuned carters.


Engine is ready. I made my handmade manifold too. Here it is a little bit too long, so i`am going to cut it a little.


My name- R. Eisans


-Stage6 subframe
I am goint to tune it, because this part from stage6 is not very strong, some guys in latvia, and in SA these subframes was crashed.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQs9bD8dDQc"]YouTube - Yamaha Aerox Mk PR2 first start[/ame]

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Nice work, maybe you know how many hp you have at yours rox?
hei, my topic on top again :D. actually I didn`t checked it on dyno stand. Season was ended, but MKPR2 tricked me, so the squish was too big, and ya, exhaust port was triple not double, so there wasnt very big tuning opportunities for this cilynder, so i decided to sell MKPR and buy Hebo red revolution for very low price- 65 lats= 90 euros, used about 100km. :D so, cartes now is tuned for Red revo., i must install my ignition and cylinder, and i can do some engine response test, so see ya later, there will be some news again soon :)
aii ruu...nice modification...i haffis from malaysia just like ask you how much that you buy the selettra?because in malaysia is hard to find that thing..
greetz from estonia!

nice aerox you have, but i have some questions, how did sport pro run with c21?

But Latvians are making name for themselves in estonian scooter races with their speed and reliable scoots!

Ps: haven`t you thought about raceing ?

waiting for more up!
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