stage6 sport pro mkII thermostat and setup?


New Member
Is it impossible to fit any thermostat at all? Is the cylinder made for not having it? Just let the coolant flow?

Is there anything else that I should know before mounting this cylinder to my aerox?
Can I use autolube system or do I have to premix?

Curent setup yamaha aerox 2004:
malossi sport 70cc
yasuni R
Dellorto17.5mm (78 jet)
malossi multivar
malossi gear up 13/44
reedvalve polini
Standard airbox

Before mounting stage6 sport pro mkII Im going to change to a stage HPC crank!

Maby I will change the yasuni R with C16.. Not really sure if I need to.

Please let me know if the setup will be good or not. Or if someone have recommendations.

Best regards Jonas
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Ben Dover Swe

New Member
i was told: dont use thermostat on tuning parts. thermostat only blocks water flow when engine is cool, so it warms up faster. without thermostat, the engine is always cooled, but heats up fast enough anyway.
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