Sonic-Speeds´s Aprilia Sonic LC.

Hey Bidstrup

Hey, du har satme fået stablet en fin sonic på banen der ;) jeg undre mig kun over hvilken gearing du kører med. Også tænkte jeg på om du ville tage en træk mod min rimelige hurtige Athena racing jog? Skal bare have den gearet ned da den løber gearing ud på 5 sek. ;) Hvad kører du med? og hvilket træf kan man finde dig ved næste gang ;):L
Finally an update for you guys. Since i am an marine engineer onboard a supertanker vessel at the moment i haven't been able to make anything to my bike for almost a year. Now i finally got some time off so here we go. Bike is ready for some racing next week.

Finally time to update her at Sf again. I won't speak of last years season since i was only in Europe 3 months all of year 2010.


Won the 2nd. place @ speedmeet costum @ speedline with the sprinter
Won 2nd. place at Hjørring Racetour with the sprinter (6.79. Drivetime)
Won 1st. Place with the sonic in the scooter class (no changes allowed, no lowering of fork/suspension or anything (7.30. Drivetime).

Enough said for those damn booring sprint competitions, lets go to the real shit. Went to an testday/training at Asserballe this saturday:

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Little update:

For now i am preparing the bike for DHS (denmarks fastest scooter) which means i am up to put the engine on my drag frame. Meanwhile i have to overhaul the engine because the little engine carter has to be changed due to massive broke treats etc.

From time to time the popularity of bikes in the scene changes, by now, i really enjoyg being the only sonic on the track that also goes fast round the circle :D

Remember to checm out and subscribe my youtube channel for HIGH QUALITY racing movies:
Went to an raceevent yesteday with an onboard camera. Have a look and enjoy. The reversed onboard is NOT me:

[ame=""]Spass & Action 9/10 Skærbæk - YouTube[/ame]
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