Sonic-Speeds´s Aprilia Sonic LC.

Bidstrup's Aprilia Sonic LC - 20/4-08'

Hey party people

I have been round around behind the scenes for a whole lot of time. Even though, i haven't posted anything speciel. Now it´s time to show off my projekt. The projekt you will see, stretch from the year 2006 undtil 2008.

The sonic at the very beginning of the projekt.

You people must be satisfied with links at the beginning, the pictures are simply just too big.

On the street

The green country?

Ditech lc speedo.

Got my 320 mm. fournales shock absorber. Reasonable looking without doubt. Secondly i got it very cheap.

Recieved my Aerox cooler + pump. It was not i a good neck, therefore i renovated it. Furthermore ive got my crankshaft (athena ø12). Now it´s time to get an innterroter + cylinder. Nevertheless a nice exaust.

My Aerox cooler-system:

My setup atm:

Polini Evo 1-2
Yasuni c21
Malossi RHQ
Malossi E13 powerfilter
D-Slide karburator
Koso oversize
Malossi overrange kit.
Italkit innerroter

My cooler-system has been renovated, and it actually looks nice.

Athena crank (Identical with stage6)
Athena c4 - all at one - - - - - Pump

Recieved my Teamspeed cylinder:

Malossi Teamspeed'

All at one:

The sonic atm:

Got some nice parts from MSP-tuning.

Stage6 stickers
Stage6 ø12 crank.
Stage6 cnc

Something has hapen:

Now its time to show off some hot stuff.

A little video:


Almost the whole season has past since i've last posted anything on this forum. The sonic has been such a good ride all the season. Good on track, and a pretty descent 150 m. sprinttime is some of the things that it has given me. So to say. the sonic i very good at left handed curves, and the longt straight due to the powerful engine, but in the right hand curves there seems to be to little "free-high". Anyway, my plans is to start racing for real next year in the DMU league.

Next week the 2/3-9 i will go to Lausitz speedway (SA week) with some danish pro tuners, and we hope to race the track pretty hard, and maybe have some fun times at the sprint lane.

First of all, some pics of the sonic atm.

The sonic @ skærbæk scooterweekend. I had mounted the fenders off, because i wanted to adjust the suspension very good.

The sonic today before SA week. Alot has happen since you saw it last time.

According to the motor, the sprinttime for 150 m. is: 7.5035. That is in the scooter 70 class with stock suspension etc.

Realy hope to see you @ SA week. Just knock me if you would like to have a race.


Time has come, to make an update. Since the end of this very season, i've started to prepare the bike for season 09'. The goal isnt about having most HP or to gain a sick sprinting scooter, its about racing from now. Most people know, that a sonic isn't the bedst, most favorit, track racing scooter. Nevertheless, its an okay bike (have competed in several 24 h. race spa racings for instance).

Stuff thats up to be changed

Ignition - have had Italkit Innerroter all days, so right now its time to test the malossi digitronic one
Stage6 RT H/L suspension
Several new engine parts like vario, clutch, bell, wig etc.

First of all a picture from SA week 08'

And now to the current look

The very nasty suspension is the only one i have right now. My rs24 is sold, and the stage6 RT havent arrived yet.

5 mm. cnc spacer for MHR Team.

Even though its only for track, its good to have a fast engine. Therefore i am looking forward to have an engine of around 22+ HP this season.

Give a little respons please - and remember, honestly being the best policy!
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Thats a little update?
U could have put more pics on :) but I know more about this project anyway.

Lets see how ur bike will perform,especially on track,I cant wait to race u in april XD

keep it up...
Just about time for yet anothert update (This will also be in english since its my second lasnguage - feel free to answer in german)

Since last trime ive updated in here, quite alot has been going on. The season is pretty much at its highest level, and 5 meetings has already been made this year in dk.

Secondary the sonic has also been finished, and have had some quite good dyno results. For instance 22.25 HP with slighly tunef MHR team with rod 85 (5 mm. spacer). And lately, 20.86 HP with 100% stock MHR cross - but damn it runs better than before:cool:

Lately i have also been racing quite alot around the track, and the sonic has shown to be an okay trackbike, if you just add' a bounch of racing suspension, lowerer the seat and just make som ordinary adjustments.

Since too much text is quite booring, i bet its time to add some pictures:).


See you (hopefully) at ASW2 in Asserballe, if not, then in SAWE;)
very nice looking scooter, what radiator are you using, it looks pretty big. i like a bike with a lot of cooling since we use our bikes on the streets.
Time for yet another update. Last weekend i was at dhs 09. The wether was quite perfewct with very very little rain, thought the wind was ruff and the sky grey.

At the sprint i actually made some quite descent personal records. The very best one was 7.266 with a 0.0xx RT with 109.9 endspeed.

Just to make it clear. I drive in the 70 cc stock scooter class, like the one hear in Holland or the 3a in germany.


Short info: FFA class: 6.1 on a twin mhr team engine this weekend - also come to sawe
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