Small end Bearing size - Piaggio


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Hello guys! I start to tune my Piaggio NRG Power LC and now i have an issue with the crankshaft and the piston. So i Have bought 2 kits; DR Evo 70 and Top Perfomance Due Plus 70. First ive wanted to use the DR and stock Piaggio crank.. OK everything is good. But ive decide to go little bit up in power and get the Due Plus Racing and Malossi RHQ crankshaft. OK But the bearing that it come is too big (wide) and it cant fit on the piston on both kits. Only the bielle goes in but the bearing is too wide. With the stock bearing is ok but it is too small for the crank biella. Whats the solution for this problem? Do i must modificate something or to search for different bearing size that will fit?
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So you have difference in mm between pistonpen and crank(small end). When you but a cilinderset or crankshaft they have to tell you which size it is.

You can check the diameter of the piston and crank. If its even possible buy the right bearing.

Good luck!
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