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My name is Daniel and I have a Peugeot speedfight 1 LC with a polini 70cc kit. I don't have more tuned parts.
I need your advice to complete the setup. I need all parts, from carburator to exhaust.

I was searching for the best exhaust and some people advice me to buy the tecnigas triops. What you think is better Hebo performer, yanusi r or tecnigas triops?

The carburator I am thinking to buy a e-choke carburator because the other ones I cannot start the scooter with the electric start button. I am right?

What is your advice for the carb?

Thanks so much in advance. It is very important for me you opinion.
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My opinion on the carburator is that you better keep the stock one.. Because the pass through off the secundairy main air filter isnt very great.. You can drill some holes in it, but that is really the worst case scenario to get.. When doing that, its really getting hard to get the right fuel / air combination getting right.. I have already tested this myself with a 16mm carburator and stock air filter..
Also you will get a problem to get the airfilter connected right on the bigger carburator.. This needs to be a good sealed connection.
Other options would only give you more engine noise on the road, where you can get a ticket for.

So for road legal keep your stock caburator, replace the airfilter inside the airfilter box for one that provide a better airflow from outside to the engine.. I think the main jet will be approximately number 64, but you have to test this.

Which version carburator you take it wont even matter.. Only the one with automatic choke is easier to implement.. With cable choke, you need to place this cable elsewhere you want.


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Thanks so much for your opinion. I just want to tell that I have drive license for all categories of motorbikes. I want to upgrade my scooter.

Motor: polini 70cc (done)
Exhaust: tecnigas triops
Gear: polini
Variator: polini hi speed variator control
Carburator: stock, or dellorto 17,5 , 19 or 21mm
Big valve racing
Racing cdi unit
Racing crankshaft

Any ideas about brands or different setups.
With the original stock carburator, I feel when the scooter is running at 100 klm I feel something bloking the rotations, fuel missing, I don't know.



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Brands really doesnt matter what you take.. Malossi, polini its all good.
I dont think that peugeot is the right brand to tune.. Its a nice road touring scooter, but no more then that..
If you really want to make a fast scooter (i hope for you its street legal) i would suggest going for a scooter with minarelli or piaggio engines.

Dont forget that the 100cc version of this peugeot speedfight version isnt fast as well.. Stock they are using just a simple 17.5mm carburator which is not really special for a 100cc scooter. You would really suspect a 19mm of 21mm on these machine.. Because peugeot scooters have more torque on low RPM, they really dont need much fuel inlet.


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I think that such a big valve set is recommended to get a better inlet on the engine.. Same problem on the minarelli vertical engines. Those have a very short inlet.


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Those carburators are normally enough.. But if you mount it on a peugeot scooter then it would be very hard to setting up your carburator.. The problem is.. when you install a big bore kit (like this 70cc) it will needed more air.. it will suck more air..
A two stroke engine is nothing more then a air compressor.. So when the bore is bigger it wants to take more air from outside..

Only the main airfilter box isnt really calculated for using a big bore kit... especially with a bigger carburator..

When installing a bigger carburator it will work on 1/3 or 2/3 of the throttle. But on 3/3 full open it will choke because it cant draw not enough air inside the carburator.. So the airbox works like a limiter.. You can probably fix this with drill holes.. But this isnt the best solution.. Because of extra noise you get.. Also there would be getting more debree inside the airfilterbox..

The other problem you get is, that its almost impossible to get the carburator config right..
I know this, because i tried it few years ago.. I also couldnt get the carburator config right.. So i ask a bikeshop here in my country to do this for me.. This guy worked three days on it and some nights.. He tried different jets, also different needles en neeldle positions.. Also he needed to make the inlet of the airfilter bigger...

The conclusion was.. Still the main jet setting wasnt right (got the much air inside)
The noise was hard, and was loose a lot of engine torque, which i had much more with the original carburator..

My advice is:

When going for a bigger carburator, dont expect to much improvement.. You really need another filter.. You could try a powerfilter. For road use this isnt the best solution. Because of bad filteration and noise.

Better keep the stock carburator, then changing the airfilter sponge (for one that improve the airflow)

The stock carburator also works like a limiter for the airfilter.. But only when the air filter sponge is replaced for an high airflow one this 70cc cilinder can be configured when the stock carburator..
When using the stock airfilter sponge, it will also give you problems the configure the main jet.
What happens is that with almost every jet the spark plug would still be wet.
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